When Speech Dies (A reference list)

I wrote an editorial a while ago about the current state of affairs on campuses where there has been a lot of debate about allowing a range of perspectives. Since our hosting of the controversial Louisiana Senate debate, I’ve been asked to speak about this a lot. I gave 2 speeches last week in DC, with upcoming speeches for the University of Chicago and the American Council of Trustees and Alumni. In fact, ACTA supported my move to allow the debate to occur.

I wanted to have a space to post a few interesting articles on the topic I have saved over the past semester as some points for further reading and discussion, so here they are:

Really good quote from Cornel West in this one: “(We’re) committed to unsettling students in public spaces. … you want to have a commitment to unsettling and unnerving students. The only way you grow is by examining yourself and your assumptions, your presuppositions; and in that sense it’s unsettled spaces rather than safe spaces.”

Interesting piece by my friend Dr. Andre Perry. But my rebuttal is that if groups that cause students harm be kept off campuses, we have to start with fraternities.

Written by

7th president of Dillard University

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