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With Lydia and Benjamin gone to camp for 10 days, we decided to visit a new church today. One of the places we have discussed was City of Love with Bishop Lester Love. His daughter, Angel, is starting her second year at Dillard. He has participated in commencement before, and his wife Pastor Fran Love participated in our King Day program this past January.

His message was on “The Power of Communion.” It really summed up one of the struggles I have had trying to convince some of our students to value the relationships and not just enter into a transactional relationship. In an age where there is a proliferation of on-line and hybrid courses, many people want a relationship with their college like they have with their bank.

Bishop Love kept as a sub message, “We Are One.” This resonated with me in the current political climate where The Occupant of the White House continues to separate people. But in our day to day lives we try to find ways to avoid being in communion with each other. We lack the capacity to see the spiritual reason for everyone in our life.

Bishop Love shared some really good points. We have to learn how to honor each other even if we don’t like each other. The negative energy we build up has to go somewhere, and usually leads to disease within us, not those we have those negative feelings about. The challenge for us is changing, because most of the time people don’t want to do the hard work needed to change.

Conversely, communion is that magnetic force that draws help to us when we need it the most. We can’t keep trying to do it all alone. We have to be in communion; you can’t say we’re family if you’re not in communion.

Such a great message.

The Prez

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7th president of Dillard University

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