The COVID Chronicles: Pre-Law During A Pandemic

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My wife is our pre-law advisor so I get to see what she is doing with her students. She is actively making sure seniors are weighing their offers and completing plans for next year. But she is also working with juniors who are preparing to take the LSAT.

We have been offering an LSAT class for several years, one that has moved scores better than Kaplan and for a fraction of the price ($200 versus $1,500). Our LSAT instructors have been flexible too, so they are now using Zoom so we can keep the classes going. It is different but everyone is working through this new reality.

Here is a video she shared with the pre-law students to keep them posted. Like I said, she is still working long hours assisting students. So for anyone serious about law school, I still think she’s the best advisor there is.

The Prez

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