The COVID Chronicles: Manage the unavoidable; Avoid the unmanageable

Last night I watched Tom Friedman on CNN with Chris Cuomo. His mantra was very powerful:

“We have one goal as a country right now… We need to manage what is now unavoidable, so we can avoid what is unmanageable.”

That’s it. We have to make sure we do everything possible to flatten the curve of new cases, which will increase unavoidably, because if we don’t, there will be too many folks for the health care systems to handle, making it unmanageable.

What does that mean for a campus like Dillard? Well, the Governor is asking how many empty beds/residence halls we have as locations for people recovering from sickness, or even a place for nursing home people who are negative to live while their room is quarantined. I have know this was being discussed by the nation’s governors as I have watched the past 3 press conferences by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (brother of Chris Cuomo). Just today he listed the CUNY and SUNY schools they have identified that have bed space. New York state has by far the most cases (over 7,000 as of this writing).

Watch the entire interview below.

The Prez