That Time Pastor Scott Found Out…

Walter M. Kimbrough
3 min readDec 5, 2023


I still can’t stand people trying to give Trump credit for anything HBCU related. All he did was create a great talking point that he repeats over and over again, and people treat it like the truth. But they (nor he) have any idea about how HBCU funding works.

Enter Pastor Darrell Scott. Senior advisor to Trump. He tried to explain HBCUs to me and found out… I’m not the one to be played with. You can see the exchange. What he didn’t know is that every article people use to prove their point I have debunked or placed in full context. He thought he had a gotcha when he ended up being got.


Note: He deleted a post about Trump signing the Executive Order in 2017 after I told him this is different. So he posted the first article that comes up that everyone uses when they want to try to prove what Trump did for HBCUs.

When you see this AP story, share my explanation here:

So he went back to the University of Google and found this…

This one cracked me up, because within minutes I showed the response. Here it is explained:

None of these folks know the FUTURE Act replaced SAFRA (also 10 year funding for HBCUs) under Obama. Here is proof:

What they miss is that the 10 years was ending so Trump zeroed it out. Alma Adams wrote the FUTURE Act which both chambers passed with veto proof majorities, but Trump’s base wants to give him credit for it.

He did nothing! He signed something that would pass without his signature to replace money he was going to leave out. None of them tell you this because they don’t know how this works. Reminds me of this great commercial…

And as you see, no more articles from the Pastor…



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