As we wind down our 150th anniversary celebration, one of the goals was to make sure we kept Dillard out in front. A lot of it was done through physical marketing using buses, airport signage, etc.

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But I was reminded recently that we still have work to do. I read a story that highlighted exceptional programs in a particular field, and ours was omitted. I’m competitive, so I was pissed! There still is a bias for better known or larger schools, even though a simple Google search would have yielded a number of hits on our program.

But instead I think this was a good reality check that we need to keep telling our story. No, we need to own our story. In a Forbes Magazine article, “Leaders, Own Your Story Or Someone Else Will” by Carmine Gallo, he writes

If you don’t own your story, someone will else will. Every brand, every leader has a story to tell. Own the story and share it…often. Make your case publicly. Share your story on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Build out your story on your company’s website. Post videos of your presentations or interviews on your social media platforms. Make it easy for people to see and hear your brand narrative. In today’s world where information gets shared in the blink of an eye — it’s better to own your story before someone else decides to do it for you.

Going into 2020 this has to be part of our mission. No matter what your profession, this should probably be a priority for you too.

The Prez

Written by

7th president of Dillard University

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