This past week was great for me. I had a chance to give 4 King Day addresses. Being a native of Atlanta, and having grown up knowing the major civil rights leaders, I really love this time of the year to reflect on the life of America’s greatest citizen. So I started out for the Dallas celebration, a banquet for about 800 people.

With Adria and Lydia in Atlanta for the weekend, Benjamin got a chance to hang out with me. He did great sitting during the banquet while I was at the head table, but dude was SLEEPY by 10pm. I had to convince him to stay up a little longer while I ordered some cookies back in the room.

The real stars of the evening were the Dillard University Concert Choir. It was great that they could attend and I think the audience was wowed by their performance.

Benjamin was still with me hanging out Monday as we did the City of New Orleans King remembrance ceremony and march. As always he wanted to know if the Mayor would be there.

This year my speeches dealt with King’s 1967 text, “Where do we go from here? Chaos or community.” I was born that year so it was an interesting read for me, lots of prophetic points made.

It was a good experience for both of us to participate.

I headed to the home of the NCAA football champs, Clemson University for their King Day event.

We started with a lunchtime conversation with faculty, staff and students on a range of issues- diversity, Greek life, HBCUs, etc.

For dinner I had a chance to meet President Clements. Really good guy- enjoyed meeting him and hopefully to stay connected.

Saw a few old friends at Clemson, and always good to meet the brothers there.

Last stop for the week was Asheville, NC. Great dinner with some student leaders, chance to meet chancellor, and great overall hospitality.

We had a nice crowd, diverse, and some good discussion later. So that capped a great week with King. Well I left out one thing…

We hosted Father Michael Pfleger for our Dillard King Day worship service. His sermon? “Why America May Still Go to Hell.” He brought the fire…

The Prez

7th president of Dillard University