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I’m sitting here watching America burn. Literally. In cities around the country I am watching the protests sparked most recently by the death of George Floyd, but the culmination of weeks of insane racist acts. It probably isn’t good to take all this in, but my spirit is unsettled so I am awake.

A lot of the time I write op-eds during this time of night and later. It is generally quiet in the house and I can get into my flow and push out a solid piece. I thought I would have written more during the second half of the semester after we transitioned to online but I have spent so much time reading and learning about COVID-19 and trying to plan for the future. But I always challenge my peers to write more as we need to hear from HBCU presidents on a variety of issues.

I noted in my January post a piece by Scott Sherman for The Nation in February of 2013, “University Presidents — Speak Out! Where are their voices on the major issues of the day?” In it he says, “Think about it: When was the last time a college or university president produced an edgy piece of commentary, or took a daring stand on a contentious matter?”

Well there has been a number of pieces written by my colleagues these first 5 months. Here are a number of them.

The Prez

7th president of Dillard University

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