A few days ago I tweeted that I thought HBCUs could learn from Ranney and Emel Mize. This week they published a great letter in support of Loyola University in New Orleans, which faced a probation action by our accreditor. Those of us in the local higher education community are sure they will be fine, and their new leader will be able to handle this effectively. But I was excited to see local residents affiliated with the university offer this letter of support.

I was reading the other local paper this week and saw another article in support of Loyola. I started to read it and it was very similar to the other one I read; in fact in was almost identical! I hadn’t ever seen this before- the same letter in 2 publications to support a university. Here is the second letter.

Look. I actually think this is great. I would love to see HBCU advocates do this consistently for their school and others. If you follow any of my writings you know I do this often. Most recently I had to get on the president of the University of Wisconsin system for being a hypocrite!

So kudos to the Mizes! I hope others will follow their lead.

The Prez

Written by

7th president of Dillard University

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