Dillard People of 2020: #7 The Politicos

Every year I do a countdown of seven of the most significant events in the life of Dillard University. I pick seven since I am the seventh president (and of course as an Alpha we know 7 is a perfect number!) I started doing this in 2015 as a way to end the year with a spirit of gratitude for the great things that happen. You can find my first lists here:

2020 has been a crazy year but despite the craziness we had major accomplishments. But this year instead of seven memorable moments, I am going to do seven groups of people that made 2020 a great year. I got the idea from Time Magazine as they have done groups in the past (and almost did this year as well).

So this year I’ll share seven groups of people for 2020.

The first group are The Politicos. With 2020 being a huge election year, the Dillard politicos had a very active year, especially this fall.

Dr. Robert Collins did most of our television interviews, looking at both State and national elections. And his prediction of electoral votes for the presidential election was VERY close.

Professor Blair Condoll did a special analysis of one of the Louisiana proposed amendments for the fall election.

In addition to his television show and radio appearances. Dr. Gary Clark also penned an op-ed discussing the election. The three of them hosted an insightful post-election forum in November as well.

The Bleu Voters Society, a chapter of the Andrew Goodman Foundation, provided constant information, co-sponsored early voting opportunities, and worked with SGA and Student Life for the election day March to the Polls.

One of our new students, Marissa Pittman, authored an op-ed for Forbes on election misinformation.

Senior Toiya Smith worked with the Power Coalition for Equity and Justice, participated in the AIPAC conference, and previously worked with state lawmakers as an intern. She was featured by the Koch Foundation.

We had a surprise politico represent Dillard on MSNBC. Don Calloway, a political analyst and HBCU grad, has been wearing different school’s sweatshirts this fall. In November he represented DU.

Finally, I had a chance to go on Roland Martin Unfiltered to give the real deal on Trump and HBCUs. I did several threads this fall as I saw HBCUs being used as a defense for any claims about Trump and racism, and we were one of his 4 Black talking points: lowest unemployment, criminal justice reform, opportunity zones, and HBCUs. I still doubt he could have a substantive conversation about any of these topics but we had a lively conversation explaining the facts.

2020 was an exciting year for the Dillard Politicos, and they rose to the moment!

The Prez

Written by

7th president of Dillard University

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