Dillard Notable #5 of 2017: Miss Dillard & the Ebony Campus Queens

A few years ago Ebony changed their long standing tradition of publishing photos of all the HBCU campus queens. In its place they decided to do a contest and feature 10 winners. As you might expect, the voting always favored the larger schools.

But the 2016–17 Miss Dillard University, Chelsea Bosley, was undaunted in making a run. I profiled the strategy we used last year to give our queen a shot at a place in Ebony.

So Chelsea made the list. As I was preparing for this blog I, I was texting Chelsea to see which issue she would be in. She let me know that one of their Disney photo shoots had already been published and was available.

But I saw that the October/November issue went back to tradition — ALL the HBCU queens are presented! I believe the December/January issue will highlight the top 10, but I think this is a great move by Ebony. Sure, it is great that our queen made the top 10, but I think all of the schools being shown is really the way to go.

So #5 is notable not just for Dillard, but for Ebony Magazine too!

Written by

7th president of Dillard University

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